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Achieving (Efficient and Easy) Temperature Play With Sex Toys

With a little bit of extra effort, your sex toy fun can be better than ever before!

By 199SEX    Jul 10, 2020

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By 199SEX    Jul 10, 2020

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A metal sex toy over a fiery and cooling background

When you were growing up, you learned that masturbating felt good through the contact made between your hands and your private parts.

And this mindset probably carried you through your formative sexual discovery years.

But now that you are in the world of sex toys, it is important to realize that there is much more to sexual pleasure than just physical contact.

Different sensations can enhance your pleasure significantly.

Today we’ll talk about a less often known sensation: temperature play!

What is temperature play?

Put simply, temperature play is the use of (extreme) temperature to add extra sexual pleasure.

This includes both putting your body in contact with hot objects, as well as cold ones.

(Depending on your own preference and mood.)

The reason this works is simply because of neuro-receptors underneath your skin.

Applying a hot or cold temperature to your skin will activate those receptors, thus creating an intense response.

Which in conjunction with the situation becomes sexual in nature!

But before we go any further, first let’s get some background on the history of temperature play!

Wax and Ice: The original temperature sensations

A split image of a burning candle and a glass full of ice
Melted wax from a burning candle and regular ice cubes were the original forms of temperature play.

Back in the day when sex toys weren’t as prominent, these were the two materials used.

For heat, people would light a candle and wait until the wax melted.

At which point they would either pour it all over their partner’s bodies, or let it drip slowly for an intense sensation.

Note that because using heated candle wax truly extreme heat, this sort of play was only really prominent in the BDSM community.

The same logic applying for ice as well, as a fairly extreme cold.

(Although not nearly as extreme as heated candle wax).

Why Sex Toys Are Better

Despite the effectiveness of wax and ice for temperature play, there were some clear deficiencies.

Luckily for all of us women (and men), sex toys have evolved and become more mainstream.

And as a result, they provide a more effective and efficient way to create temperature sensations in the bedroom.

There are a few reasons for this clear improvement over wax and ice.

#1 – Sex Toys are don’t make a mess

When people used to play with liquids, especially melted wax, the results were often uncontrollably messy.

Once the wax dripped onto your body, you could not control where it went.

And in the heat of the moment (pun intended) said wax could drip onto your bed sheets and other articles of clothing.

It could even potentially land in your hair depending on the length of your hair.

Sex toys however are not messy whatsoever.

Because they don’t use wax or any other objects that may stain to achieve the temperature sensations, there is no mess.

#2 – Sex Toys Require more Preparation and Planning

Back in the day, in order to create temperature sensations, you needed to be well stocked with wax candles and also ice cubes.

Wax candles in particular do take some significant time to really get some melted wax going.

But waiting a few minutes for the wax to melt before applying it can really ruin the mood for you

And for ice cubes, if you don’t have ice cubes ready beforehand, it is basically impossible to use cold temperature sensations anytime soon.

But with sex toys, all you really need is some running water (which most people have).

So rather than having to plan out when you want to engage in temperature play and plan accordingly, you can just use your sex toy and be ready to go with relative ease.

No extra preparation needed!

#3 - Sex Toys give you internal temperature sensations

Simply due to the nature of wax and ice, it is almost impossible to do anything other than external temperature play.

In other words applying the items to the outside of your body.

Places such as your breasts, your legs and even your stomach.

However, with sex toys, you can achieve internal temperature play as well.

This is because most sex toys are meant to be inserted into your body.

So when you heat or cool the toys and then have it inserted, the temperature sensations go inside of you as well.

Meaning you can finally achieve a new and exciting sensation inside of your vagina or even your butt!

#4 – Sex Toys Can Be Applied Without A Partner

As much as you may want to apply melted wax or ice cubes onto your own body, the truth of the matter is that the best way to do it is with the help of a partner.

Dripping wax onto your body, or maneuvering ice cubes onto your body does take a bit of concentration and focus.

So if you were to try doing it all yourself, you would almost assuredly lose the sexual arousal.

With a partner though, one person is the giver, and the other, the receiver.

Ensuring that the receiver can put their sole focus on the sexual pleasure being given.

However, if you’ve read up on our guide for why every woman needs a sex toy, you’ll know that you won’t always have a partner willing or even available for temperature play, let alone sex.

Sex toys remedy that issue altogether.

Once you’ve applied gotten your sex toy heated or cooled to your liking, it is very easy to “apply” the temperature sensation to your body.

It simply becomes an extension of how you masturbate regularly.

Apply the sex toy to create physical contact with your body, and you achieve not just stimulation due to the friction, but also due to the temperature as well!

It truly doesn’t get any easier than that when it comes to temperature play!

To summarize, here are the main areas where sex toys have a marked improvement over older forms of creating temperature sensations:

  • Messiness: sex toys are not messy whatsoever!

  • Preparation/planning: Sex toys don't require planning in advanced, or complicated preparation!

  • Quality of stimulation: Sex toys can be inserted for internal temperature sensations rather than just external ones!

  • Availability/Ease of Use: Sex toys are always available and easy to use on yourself. No partner needed!

It should be pretty clear to you now that using melted wax and ice is no longer viable for mainstream temperature play.

With sex toys, you can make the most out of temperature play.

Every time.

But how do you actually do it?

Heating and Cooling your sex toys

To get your sex toys ready for temperature play, all you really need is a stove and a refrigerator.

To heat them, simply submerge the sex toy into some warm water for a few minutes.

Or alternatively hold it under some warm running water.

And to cool them, do the same thing, either submerging or holding your sex toy under cold water.

For cooling sensations, another completely viable option is to simply place the sex toy into the refrigerator for a few minutes.

Once the sex toy is sufficiently heated or cooled to your liking, you can get right down to business.

Glass dildo in a bowl of water with temperature gauge graphic above it
The easiest way to heat or cool your sex toys is to submerge them in water, at whatever temperature you want!

If you are just trying out temperature sensations with a new sex toy, always make sure to test it out slowly.

This means briefly putting it against your skin to make sure that it is not too hot or too cold.

If it is too hot or too cold, simply wait a bit until the sex toy’s temperature is just right.

Pro Tip: Keep some hot / cold water near your bed

Depending on how long you take to masturbate, along with what sort of sex toy you are using (more on that below), the temperature may eventually return to room temperature.

Or in most cases, it will at the very least start to lose some of its temperature properties over time.

Thus resulting in a less enticing sensation.

To combat this without having to go back and forth to the kitchen or bathroom, keep some water next to you while you masturbate.

When the sex toy needs to be re-heated or re-cooled, simply place it in the water and give it just a minute or two.

Then get right back to it once the temperature is where you want it to be.

The best sex toys for temperature play!

So you know how temperature play works, and how sex toys are the easiest way to go about doing it.

But what about the best sex toys for achieving effective temperature sensations?

The fact of the matter is that not all sex toys are created equal in this regard.

While you can definitely use almost any sex toy for temperature play, your results will be severely lacking if you choose the wrong sex toy.

So if you are planning to buy sex toys specifically to achieve temperature play, be sure to read up on the best sex toys below.

Knowing which sex toy to use will go a long way in fulfilling your desire for maximum temperature sensations!

Metal sex toys

When it comes to naturally heating or cooling your sex toy, the biggest factor is the material used.

The material will determine the rate of heat transfer.

Thus determining how quickly your sex toy will change temperatures.

Metal is very good at transferring heat, making them great sex toys for temperature play.

They can heat or cool up very quickly, which is big for those who really want immediate sexual satisfaction when they are in the mood.

three metal butt plugs with various colored jewels
Metal sex toys such as these stainless steel butt plugs, quickly heat up or cool down to your liking.

However, this also means that they sex toys can lose their temperature properties relatively quickly as well.

Luckily, if you use our pro tip above, that won’t be much of an issue.

Because if the temperature does change too much, a quick 30 seconds or so under some heated or cooled water will bring it right back to your optimal temperature.

The most common metal sex toy is the metal butt plug, particularly the stainless steel butt plugs that we offer here at 199SEX.

But if you look long and hard, you can find other metal sex toys that suit your particular pleasure needs.

Glass sex toys

Unlike metal, glass is not great at transferring heat.

However, this is not a bad thing!

Instead it simply changes the way you use it.

Because although glass does not transfer heat well, it is very good at retaining it.

So although it may take longer to heat up or cool down your glass sex toy, it will stay heated or cooled for much longer.

A variety of glass sex toys inserted into a bucket of ice
Glass sex toys take longer to heat or cool, but retain that temperature for a long time!

Glass sex toys come in all sorts of forms, particularly dildos and butt plugs.

But they are still fairly uncommon.

So it will take some time to look and find the perfect glass sex toy for you.

But once you find it, it will be a great addition to your sex toy collection.

Automatic Heating Sex Toys

Alternatively, there are some sex toys on the market that heat up for you.

Right up to the point where your skin can handle it (about 40°C).

In fact, 199SEX will be offering such heating sex toys in the near future.

So stay tuned!

Note that these sorts of toys only work with heating sensations and not cooling sensations.

So if you are looking for cooling sensations only, then you’ll need to look relying on using glass or metal sex toys to achieve the sensation.

Temperature Play Made Easy with Sex Toys!

If you are even just considering trying out temperature play, the only way to go about it in today’s day and age is with the use of sex toys!

They are easy and accessible, and most importantly, they get the job done well!

So if you are looking to take your sexual pleasure up a notch, get your sex toy out and harness the power of temperature play today!