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About 199SEX

Mia from 199SEX
Sex Toys have changed my life, even outside of the bedroom.

I created 199SEX to educate and inspire people to take full control of their sex lives through the help of sex toys.

Over time, I began to realize just how important embracing one's sexuality truly is for living a healthy lifestyle, and that sex toys are a surefire way to help maximize that sexuality.

This challenging yet rewarding path I now tread was the direct result of my upbringing, and so I want to share with you just how I got to where I am today...

Early Life

I was fortunate to grow up in the great state of Hawaii, living in Hilo from birth through to college.

And while I was lucky enough to grow up with great weather all-year round, and spending nearly every weekend at the beach with my friends, I wasn't particularly in-tune with my sexual side as I moved through my high school years.

I was lucky enough to call Hawaii my home for 18 years!

In fact, I had extremely conservative parents which almost certainly contributed to my sheltered upbringing.

I actually went through most of my high school years without masturbating for fear of being caught by my parents.

My Sexual Awakening

However, my shy and innocent personality was rather quickly undone as soon as I began attending college at Northwestern University.

Thousands of miles away from my parents, I was so much more easily influenced by my peers.

And although it wasn't an instant change by any means, I slowly but surely started coming out of my shell.

College parties had become a regular occurence for me as soon as I got to Northwestern.

I started staying out late with friends to see movies or eat out.

Then I started going to college parties.

And eventually, I had my first sexual experience. And then another.

Over the course of my entire freshman year, I had experienced countless sexual encounters that helped me to define my sexuality.

I even realized that I was bisexual, something that was perhaps suppresed until I got away from my sheltered upbringing.

Being bisexual was something that I hadn't even considered until my freshman year of college.

My first sex toy experience

Despite those numerous sexual experiences though, sex toys were still something that I didn't even know existed!

That all changed when I went to a bachelorette party and saw my best friend Stella receive a bright purple vibrator from one of our other friends.

We all wanted her to take the toy out and turn it on, and as soon as I heard the loud vibrations, my interest was immediately piqued.

My best friend Stella's vibrator was the very beginning of my lifelong love of sex toys.

Stella had then decided to pass around the toy just so we could see it for ourselves.

And once the toy, still vibrating, fell into my hands, my eyes lit up realizing just how powerful it was.

I thought to myself, "If this is how it feels in my hands, I can't imagine how it would feel when it was actually in action."

It was a just few days later when I decided to pull the trigger and buy one for myself.

And after that first night of using my very first vibrator, I was hooked.

My sex toys today

Since that moment, I had become obsessed with sex toys of all shapes and sizes.

It started with an obsession of just vibrators, but I had quickly branched out to many other types of sex toys.

All of them were different in their own way, and I being able to pick any one of my numerous sex toys and have a unique sexual experience with them was exciting!

Although I don't have an exact count, I would estimate my sex toy collection to be at around 50 different toys.

many colorful sex toys in a black bin
**Not my actual sex toy collection** - but still a pretty good representation of how many toys I actually own.

Some are simple, and others are mind-bogglingly intense and crazy.

But they all find a use at some point or another.

How I began sharing sex toys to the world

For those of you who were wondering, I did manage to complete my undergraduate degree at Northwestern University, and even went on to get a graduate degree there as well.

Both my Bachelor's and Master's degrees are in Social Psychology, which allowed me to live out my dream job of being a counselling psychologist.

Northwestern University Logo
I am a proud graduate of Northwestern University.

I have been in this field of work for a few years now, becoming particularly drawn towards helping young singles and couples with their relationships (or lack thereof).

And although certainly unorthodox, I do sometimes recommend the use of sex toys to help those who are in need of a sexual and/or emotional boost, as hard as that may be to believe.

In fact, it is something that I am quite proud of, especially considering that just about all of my patients have had great results by using sex toys!

typical therapy session between a psychologist and her patient
As a counselling psychologist, I found that sex toys are a highly effective "prescription" for many of my patients.

After personally seeing how effective they were for so many people (both physically and emotionally), I knew that sex toys needed to shared beyond the confines of my psychologist's office!

And that is how 199SEX was born!

The Motivation for 199SEX

Sex toys in general are so underappreciated.

And simply treated as a downright immoral.

I wholeheartedly want to change those mindsets and expose to everyone (girls and guys) just how truly satisfying and "blissful" you can become through the power of sex toys.

My mission is to spread the joy of sex toys to individuals and couples everywhere!

And not just for the 30 minute session while you use the toys either.

They can change your behavior and mood long afterwards as well.

In short, making sex toys an integral part of your sex life has life-changing benefits that go beyond the bedroom!

And I want to help as many people as possible benefit from sex toys as I can!

My Personal Life Today

Currently residing in San Jose, California, I love to spend my weekends driving down to Santa Cruz to enjoy the beautiful beaches with my friends.

I am also happily married to my husband Matt, who fully supports my passion for sex toys, and who has grown to love them almost as much as I do!

Matt is my total rock, and helps me run the business side of 199SEX.

young woman sitting on the beach while the sun sets
I love taking the drive down to Santa Cruz, CA to enjoy the beautiful beaches there.


Feel free to reach out to me and my team (i.e. my husband) at [email protected] for any inquiries you may have.

I am also available for texts at [email protected]

(But please just texts only)

I strongly believe that sex toys are not just products...

They are the foundation of creating a healthy lifestyle.

And I want to be with you every step of the way.