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About 199SEX LLC

199SEX's Mission

Our company specializes first and foremost in effective and safe use of sex toys (also called adult toys).

Sex toys in general are so underappreciated, and in many cases viewed in a unfair negative light.

While in reality, making sex toys an integral part of one's sex life can have life-changing benefits that go beyond the bedroom!

We strive to change the narrative on sex toys and make them readily available and used by as many people as possible.

To achieve this, we have these two main focuses:

  • Educate our readers on all facets of sex toys (as well as sex in general) via comprehensive written articles.

  • Offer high-quality sex toys to our customers to facilite safe exploration of sex toys.

We here at 199SEX are wholeheartedly here for you, and ready to answer any questions you have about sex toys!

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions at:

The Bottom Line

We strongly believe that sex toys are not just products...

They are the foundation of creating a healthy lifestyle.

And we want to be with you every step of the way.

199SEX and the team

199SEX is the primary owner and operator of 199SEX LLC. She is an avid sex toy user and works tirelessly every day to make sure that people all over the world are learning about the power of sex toys, having recently quit her full-time job as a counselling psychologist to realize those aims.

Learn more about 199SEX's full story here.

Education: Bachelors and Masters degrees in Social Psychology from Northwestern University.


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Matt - Webmaster

199SEX's loving husband Matt is in charge of general website maintenance first and foremost, although he also plays a key role in tracking product inventory.

The rest of the team

199SEX would not be possbile without the support of a small team of employees that works with Mia to fulfill orders and provide top-notched 24/7 customer support on demand. We would truly not be who we are as a company without their dedication and hard work.

Product Returns

Please email us directly with any inquiry about returning a product.

In general, a refund is dependent on you sending the product back to us (refund is issued once product has been received).

Read more on our company's terms and conditions here.

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