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Guide to sex toy materials

The Best (and Worst) Sex Toy Materials

Looking to purchase a sex toy? Make sure you select the best (not to mention safest) material for your specific needs.

Guide to sex lube

The #1 Guide to Sex Lube

Looking to take your sexual pleasure to another level? Learn about how sex lube can get you there.

Guide to sex toy safety tips

Safety Tips For Your Sex Toys

Check out these important tips to ensure your own safety, as well as to maximize the lifetime of your sex toys.

Guide to using sex toys during sex

How to Use Sex Toys During Sex

Unsure of how you can incorporate sex toys with your partner during sex? Check out these seven proven techniques for enhancing sex using sex toys.

Guide to unique sex toy applications

Our Top 3 Unique Sex Toy Applications

Need more of a reason to purchase sex toys? Check out these unique applications for some of the most popular sex toys around.

Guide on how to make a girl squirt

How to Make a Girl Squirt

Learn how you (or your girl) can achieve the ultimate female orgasm.

Guide on what cum tastes like

What Does Cum Taste Like?

Learn about the taste of male ejaculate, from a woman well-versed in blowjobs.